Spring 2016 Season Games

Full Spring schedules are ready!

Download the PDF File Below

- Games will be at Coral Reef Park & Miami Dade College-Kendall

- Updated schedules times will be posted on a weekly basis on the HOME site every Monday morning before 12pm

Coral Reef Park -Game Field Map


 2nd-3rd / 4th-5th 

Boys/ Girls 


PK3 Schedule
Coach Manuel  - Eagles

Coach Sebas - Falcons

K-1st Grade Boys Schedule
Coach Jorge -Cosmos

Coach Franco - Galaxy

Coach Diego - Dynamo

Coach Manuel- Rangers

2nd-3rd Boys Schedule

Coach David -Spartans

Coach Manuel - Strikers 

Coach Alex - Arsenal

4th-5th Boys Schedule

Coach Franco- Knights

Coach Paul - Fire

Coach Sebastian - Mutiny

 Middle School

 Coach Isaac- Knights

PK4 Schedule

Coach Franco - Lions

Coach Jorge - Panthers

Coach Nilson - Tigers 

Coach Noel- Cougars

Kinder-1st Girls Schedule
Coach Nilson - Fusion

2nd-3rd Girls Schedule

Coach Noel - Thunder

4th-5th Girls Schedule

Coach Bobby- Storm

Coach Nilson- Revolution