Eleet – Knights Travel Competitive Soccer Program (FYSA)

(Boys & Girls) 8-11 years old

It is designed for those players who would like to play travel soccer at a very competitive level in Dade & Broward counties. This is on a try-out basis and player must meet all soccer standards during their try-out appointment. This is a ten month commitment and will require travel time, financial commitments, and weekend holiday tournaments. Teams will compete in the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA). If your child would like to have a try-out, please contact Coach Sam Steele or Coach David Vasquez.

Coach Sam Steele,

Athletic Director Alexander Montessori School

Eleet Soccer eleetsports@yahoo.com

Eleet/Knights Travel

Palmetto Bay Knights has partnered with the prestigious Eleet Soccer Club.  We will introduce our competitive soccer program in the Fall of 2014 season. We will hold OPEN Try-outs by appointment ONLY from 4:30pm-7:30pm for players ages 8 to 11 years old.  The competitive program will be designed to supplement the recreational soccer experience, not replace it.

Eleet/Knights Travel Soccer Try-out Form

Age Group

Birth Year Range

Try-out Time


8-1-05 thru 7-31-06

By Appointment


8-1-04 thru 7-31-05

By Appointment


8-1-03 thru 7-31-04

By Appointment

The competitive soccer program represents a one year commitment that runs with the school year.
10 month season

Is for those players who want to play at a higher level.  Players in this level will master loco motor and manipulative skills through re-enforcement small sided games. Physical condition and health education will enhance the player’s ability for strenuous workouts. This will be on a try-out basis and is players for ages 8 to 11 years old. Players/teams will have the opportunity to compete representing Palmetto Bay Knights & Juventus in leagues and tournaments at Dade, Broward, Regional, State, or National levels. To play competitively against other town/city teams, such club teams or soccer academies.

Is to LEARN the vital skills needed to play at a higher level. Training sessions are vital for the progression and the development of the player. Training sessions will be fun but challenging. Small sided games encourage higher level of play and competition.  The academy is designed to supplement the recreational soccer experience, not replaced it.

  • TBA registration fee
  • Includes 1 practice uniform, 1 game uniform,1 bag, secondary insurance, 1st month fee, affiliation with US
  • Payment will be paid by start of the season in September. Season will start the first week of October.

      Monthly Fee:
      (This will be paid on the first week of
       each month)

  • Monthly fee will include, practices , a certified coach, Inter League play against other club or academies (1 a month)
  • Fall: Aug. / Sept. / Oct. / Nov.  
  • Winter: Dec. /Jan. / Feb. / March
  • Spring: March / April / May

     Tournament Fee:
  • Fee for 1 day tournament will be $TBA per player
  • Fee for 2 day tournament will be $TBA per player
  • We will play 2-3 Dade (local) and 1 Broward (away) county tournaments.

   Academy Structure:
  • All players will be put into TRAINING GROUPS
  • (Boys, Girls, and grade or age group divisions)

    Training Program 
  • Passing the ball (type, weight and timing)
  • Controlling the ball (feet, thigh, chest)
  • Dribbling the ball (both feet, close control, turns and accelerations)
  • Turns (inside, outside of the foot)
  • Shielding the ball (man-man-ball)
  • Running with the ball (distance, awareness)
  • Shooting (power, finesse)
  • The last 15-20 minutes of a training session will be small sided (5v5) games

    Five Basic Skills:

  1. Dribbling
  2. Passing
  3. Receiving
  4. Finishing
  5. Heading

  • In order to achieve the successful five basic skills, our academy will be using interval rotating stations for each different skill.


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